Listening exercise: « Traffic Report »

Listen to the text and answer the questions below

New vocabulary:

  • authorities -> government officials that have the power to make decisions
  • commute -> to travel regularly between your home and your work
  • congestion -> being full of something
  • emergency -> a serious event that need immediate action
  • expect -> to think or believe that something will happen
  • instead (of) -> in the place of something  => au lieu (de)
  • mistake -> something that you do wrong, an error
  • resolve -> to find an answer to a problem
  • resume -> to continue after an interruption
  • shore -> land that is by a large area of water
  • subway -> underground transportation
  • tune in -> listen to a radio/TV station
  • update -> to give the latest (most recent) information


Répondez en anglais, avec un phrase complète (inclure un verbe).

  1. What is causing the problem?
  2. What is the normal time to get to work from the South Shore?
  3. Why are people driving instead of taking the subway?
  4. When will the problem be resolved?
  5. Can you spot the mistake in the text?

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