Listen to the text and answer the questions below


  • audience
  • brass band -> harmonie (orchestre)
  • firing a gun
  • hit song -> Chanson à succès
  • musician
  • nickname
  • racial
  • steamboat
  • ragtime -> a musical style that was popular around 1900
  • « Satchmo » = contraction of « satchel mouth »
  • skill
  • spent most of his time
  • surround
  • troublemaker
  • trumpet
  • unload
  • troublemaker


Answer in English, using complete sentences

  1. When and where was Louis Armstrong born?
  2. Where did Louis Armstrong learn to play the trumpet?
  3. What did Mr. Louis do after reform school?
  4. How is « King » Oliver important in Armstrong’s life?
  5. How did Armstrong get the nickname « Satchmo »?
  6. Why was he once called a troublemaker?
  7. Name some famous musicians that Louis Armstrong worked with.
  8. What do you think is meant by a « white audience », an « all-black Broadway musical »?
  9. Where did he live at the end of his life?
  10. Try to understand a few of the words of the last song on the audio file.
  11. What do you thing « scat singing » is?


This short biography of Louis Armstrong was taken from the Voice of America Special English site.

A link to the original transcript and recording will be provided to the pupils at the next class.

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