Listening exercise: « The Suspect »

Listen to the text and answer the questions below


  • meeting => réunion
  • detective
  • dialog
  • eat => manger
  • finish => terminer
  • meantime => pendant ce temps
  • rang (past of ring) => sonner
  • thought (past of think) => penser
  • watch => regarder attentivement
  • work (verb) => fonctionner

Adapted from an example found in « Focus on Grammar, Longman, 1994 »


Répondez en anglais, avec un phrase complète (inclure un verbe).

  1. What day and time period is the detective interested in?
  2. Who was with the suspect during that period?
  3. What did the suspect do after supper?
  4. What was his wife doing?
  5. Where is there a conflict in the suspect’s story?

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