Listen to the audio file and answer the questions below


  • kind
  • perfect
  • Hampton Inn -> (hotel name)
  • stayed (verbe, passé de stay) -> avoir demeuré
  • Michigan Avenue
  • dill pickle
  • in fact -> en fait
  • sells
  • fine
  • monument
  • shaped (verb, past participle of shape) -> ayant la forme
  • mirror
  • reflection -> reflet
  • crystal
  • singers
  • statues
  • Buddy Guy’s Legends (a famous cabaret)
  • South Side (a borough)
  • driver
  • doorman
  • listened to
  • live band -> ensemble « live »


Answer in English, using complete sentences

  1. When was my first visit to Chicago?
  2. Where did I stay during my first visit?
  3. What do I compare between New York City and Chicago?
  4. What did we get for lunch?
  5. What did my wife think of her lunch?
  6. What did we see in the park?
  7. What happened on the way to Buddy Guy’s Legends?
  8. How did we get good seats?

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