Listen to the audio file and answer the questions below


  • daylight
  • Irish
  • marketplace
  • narrow
  • prison
  • quite
  • roof
  • stretcher => civière
  • tower


Answer in English, using complete sentences

  1. Why is Bea happy to go for a walk?
  2. Why don’t Allan and Bea look at the store windows?
  3. Where is Westport?
  4. How is the weather?
  5. What is going on at the hospital?
  6. Which market is Bea talking about?
  7. Where does Bea want to go after seeing the bridge?
  8. What are the workmen doing on the bridge?
  9. How much time does Bea have to catch her train after their walk?
   This text is adapted from the book "The basic teacher" by L.W. Lockhart.
   The copywright owner is The Orthological Institute of London.

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