Listen to the audio file and answer the questions below:


  • able
  • account
  • boiling (‘ing’ of ‘boil’)
  • fat
  • fine meat
  • get in touch (expression)
  • ham
  • head cook
  • helper
  • honest
  • inn
  • introduce (verb)
  • mill
  • opening
  • owned (past of ‘own’)
  • quieter
  • reputation
  • such
  • supplies
  • to your liking (expression)
  • welcome (verb)
  • whom


Answer in English, using complete sentences

  1. Where did Mr. Waters find out about the job?
  2. Why did he lose his job at the paper mill? How long had he worked there?
  3. What were his responsibilities in his last job?
  4. Why doesn’t he work there anymore? Do you think that he left on good terms with the owner?
  5. Does Mr. Waters sound qualified to do the job? Why?
  6. What are Mrs. Sweeney’s responsibilities?
  7. Where does the inn get its food supplies?
  8. What, in addition to the meals for the guests, are the other meals that Mr. Waters would have to prepare? For whom?
  9. Who would also work in the restaurant with Mr. Waters? What are their responsibilities?
  10. Will the owner call the person Mr. Waters used as a reference?
This text is adapted from the book « The Basic Teacher » by L.W. Lockhart. The copyright owner is The Orthological Institute of London.

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