Above photo taken from the Discover Halifax web site

Listen to the audio file and answer the questions below. The exercise is divided into two parts:


  • boat
  • bouquet
halifax harbor map
By Dr. Blofeld – Maps for Free (OSM)., CC BY-SA 2.0, Link
  • dock
  • face
  • island
  • letter
  • lifeboat
  • mouth of the harbor
  • open sea
  • port
  • probably
  • rail
  • sailboat
  • seaman
  • ship
  • toward
  • tail
  • wave (verb)
  • wave (noun)

Audio – Part 1

Questions – Part 1

Answer in English, using complete sentences

  1. Why are there people at the harbor today?
  2. Who is with the children that are by the wall on my right?
  3. Where is the brother of the woman with a yellow hat?
  4. Where is the woman who is waiting for her son?
  5. What is at the mouth of the harbor?
  6. How did the lucky fisherman bring the big fish to the dock? Why did they have to do it that way?
  7. What are the boys doing on the other dock?

Audio – Part II

Questions – Part II

  1. Who is the first one to see the ship?
  2. What do the people on the dock do when the ship comes into view?
  3. When does the ship come into the harbor?
  4. Why do the children get up on seats?
  5. Where is Peter?
  6. Who are the first people to come off the ship?
  7. Who is the last person left on the dock? Describe him.

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